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Here at Earthlandia Products, We Handcraft Truly Natural Body Care Products Using Only Pure, Natural Ingredients. We Don’t Believe in Making False Claims. That’s Why We Make Sure That Our Ingredients Are Easy To  Pronounce, So You Can Be Sure That The Products You’re Using, Are Indeed, Truly  Natural. 
         Our Products Are
            Truly Natural

   Just Pure Natural Ingredients, Healthy
    for you, Healthy for the Environment 
                     *Coming Soon*                             Baking Soda Free Deodorant

Choose from six scents in our new line of senstitive skin deodorants. We formulated a baking soda free line of deodorants with magnesium, zinc and charcoal. Choose between Lavender Mint, Vanilla Bean, or Bergamot Lime. 

Children's Bamboo
         *New* Bamboo Children's                                 Toothbrushes

Check out our new compostable bamboo tooth-brushes designed with children in mind. The extra soft bristles paired with our children's tangerine toothpowder, will be sure to keep your children's teeth and gums healthy and clean.  


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